Suggested items for Care Packages
Please bring in donations by Sunday, April 14

 1. Personal Care Items such as Dental Floss, Air Fresheners (non-aerosol), Hair Ties, Bobby Pins, Single Makeup Items, Make up removal wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Bars of soap

2. Laundry & cleaning Supplies such as Lysol/Clorox/Cleaning Wipes, Laundry pods (pods only, no liquid or powder please), A box of dryer sheets, A roll of quarters for laundry

2. Small room/Apartment Décor items (all care packages must fit inside of a shoe box)

3. A small Adult Coloring Book or Two, journal, or pens to write with

4. Drink Mixes for beverages like coffee and hot chocolate, or tea bags/tins

5. School Supplies such as Pens & Pencils, Highlighters, Notebooks/Notebook Paper, Sticky Notes, Sharpies

6. Headphones or Ear buds

7. Smaller Pictures, or items such as command strips to hang them with

8. An insulated tumbler, cool cup, or coffee mug

9. Snacks & Goodies such as Candy, Nuts, Granola & Protein Bars, Jerky, Gum & Mints

10. A Good Book (check the best-seller’s list, or send them a book that brought you spiritual renewal or helped create success in your own life)

11. Get Well Items such as Band-Aids, Cough drops, Mini Tissue packs and small tissue boxes, Lip Balm, Excedrin, Tums, Rolaids, etc., Instant Soups

12. A Mini Portable Speaker

13. Gift Cards ($5-$10 is a real boost to a college-aged person) to places such as Publix, Starbucks, Wawa, McDonalds, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

14. A handwritten note or card with words of encouragement from you!

*due to shipping rules and for the sake of all packages arriving intact, please DO NOT send anything aerosol, more than 3 oz. of liquid, or other items that cannot be mailed