“There was something numinous in the experience. I felt so strongly around me the presence of God. I knew I was sharing in something with these young people. I knew they had come - been drawn there - in the hope and expectation of an encounter with the Holy. And so it was. In that darkened Cathedral, I felt, once again, the presence of God.”

Edmond Browning, former Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, USA 06/13/1995

Compline, the moment of reflection poised between the realms of light and dark and sung at the end of the day, plays upon dramatic juxtapositions reflecting life itself and the setting around it: the searing heat of the Florida sun against the cool mystery of darkness; the moral corruption at the heart of our civic and communal life, the winds of hatred, misogyny, racism, and division against the hopes that light will be restored in yet another dawn to come.

The word “compline” comes from the Latin word completorium meaning “completion,” because it completed the daily cycle of prayers for nuns and monks before they retired to bed and with that to keep silence until the following morning. It is a monastic ritual performed at the end of daylight, at the ushering in of darkness. Although compline is an ancient liturgical tradition of Christianity, the practice is, at its core, spiritual and not necessarily religious. It is well suited to persons of all faiths and beliefs, as well as those who don’t subscribe to any formal region. The service is meant to offer quiet reflection time to anyone who wants it, even if they're not religious. It invites contemplation and reflection, in addition to prayer, creating a sense of peace and calm repose.

Compline is: silence; darkness; chant; the absence of preaching; candlelight; ethereal music; prayer; the absence of noise; active listening; and a pathway to experience the Divine Presence, whatever that may be for you. We invite you to create a sacred space in your busy week and join us for this 30 minute refuge from work, school or the world outside. You may sit in a pew or recline on the floor and look at the ceiling; you may join in the prayers or meditate on the candlelight and chants. Come, be renewed and refreshed!